See my interview with MysticMag online.

Some tidbits:

“I feel called to be in sacred space with people doing their deep work. I love accompanying them as they touch the depths of their soul and their connection to Spirit. I feel humbled and blessed that people trust me with this holy work and with their truths, their joys and their struggles. This is a way for me to serve people and to bring more of the Divine spark into the world, and it also fires up my soul.”

“Through nature we touch our own wildness and inter-connectedness. When I’ve led people on “spirit walks,” I’ve invited them to wander with a certain intention or attention in mind. For example, I’ve invited people to wander and let themselves be called to a place that feels sacred. Through this process of opening to the sacredness of the land, the land calls to and shows them their own sacredness.”

“I think the only way we are going to be able to survive, never mind thrive, in the modern world is to recognize our own full humanity and the humanity of others. As expressed in the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, I am what I am because of other beings. This includes our own Spirit and the interconnectedness with others.” 

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